Parents’ Prayer

They are little only once Lord.

Grant us the wisdom and patience to teach

them to follow in your footsteps

And prepare them for what is to come.

They are little only once Lord.

Make us take time to play, pretend, to

read or tell a story; to laugh and cuddle.

Don’t let us for one minute think anything is

more important than the school play, the

recital, the big game, fishing or the quiet walk

hand in hand.

All too soon, Lord, they will grow away and

There is no turning back.

Let us have our memories with no regrets.

Please help us to be good parents, Lord.

When we must discipline, let us do it with

love. Let us be firm, but fair; let us correct

and explain with patience.

They are growing away, Lord.

While we have the chance let us do our best

for them. For the rest of our lives, please

Lord, let us be their very best friends.

*** Why is this so easy to reflect upon but it’s just so hard to consistently do?

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2 thoughts on “Parents’ Prayer

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