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My First Taste of Ganjang Gejang (Raw Crab)

I had been living here in Seoul for more than five years already but I only got to taste Ganjang Gejang or Raw Crab marinated in soy sauce last Sunday. We went to this restaurant in Jongro-gu, Gugi-dong called:


I know how to read Korean but I refuse to write my English translation (of the Korean characters) of the name of the restaurant here lol. Anyway, our Korean friends informed us that this restaurant is known for its Ganjang Gejang that’s why we drove all the way from Mapo just for them to introduce to me this Korean dish. On the way, one told me that after I taste the dish, it will be one of my favorite Korean dishes:-).

Here’s Ganjang Gejang:


According to Wikipedia, this is how the dish is prepared:

To prepare ganjang gejang, crabs are first thoroughly cleaned using a brush while submerged in a bowl of water, and are then rinsed to remove the moisture. The crabs are put in a hangari (earthenware crock) and are salted for about six hours. To prepare the sauce, a mixture of ganjang is boiled briefly along with sesame oil, sugar, finely sliced scallions, minced garlic, ginger, and finely shredded fresh red chili pepper. Once the salted crabs are removed from the hangari and placed in a suitable bowl, the hot sauce is poured onto the crabs. An hour later, the ganjang is removed from the bowl and reheated until boiling. It is again poured over the crabs, and the procedure is repeated for a third and fourth time. The dish can be eaten once the sauce is chilled.

Sounds complicated? Hahaha. Well, it’s pricier than most Korean dishes and it didn’t taste raw, at all. I actually loved its sweet taste. It’s best to eat this dish with rice like this:


Mix it well with rice. I took the picture above before I mixed it. I should have!

Anyway, I think this is a must-have dish when you visit Korea. Why did I miss this all these years?

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