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I Love Pizza School

I love pizza. And I love Pizza School.

When hubby first brought home a Pizza School pizza he was so excited to tell me how inexpensive it was. The best part was, it tasted quite alright. How’s that for a 5,000-won pizza?

These days, Pizza School is thriving. It is getting more and more walk-in customers.They don’t do delivery, you see. If you want their pizza, you go to their store and bring your box home.

That’s why they never run out of these boxes:-).


A few settle down to eat in the store’s limited tables but most prefer to take out their pizza.

As you wait, the pizza is prepared for anyone patient and curious enough to see.


This was what we ordered a few weeks ago:


I forgot how this was called but I couldn’t forget how full I was after eating 4 slices. This was very filling. This is one of Pizza School’s more expensive (?) pizza at 8,000-won. For the price and the taste, who wouldn’t love Pizza School?

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3 thoughts on “I Love Pizza School

  1. Hi Mommy Wendy! That looks delicious. It reminded me of Pizza Hut’s cheesy pop. But that looks more cheesier. Hmmm, I want. Thanks for dropping by. Yup, i’m crazy with Korean culture.Haha, please adopt me?! haha 🙂 Seriously, I would want to go there next year. That’s my project. haha 🙂

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