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Family Mart’s Post Box Service

Since Seoul has not seen bright days for almost a month now, going out was always not an easy thing to do. I needed to send some items and while the Mapo Post office is just a few buildings away, going there with a toddler was always a big consideration especially when drizzles would just suddenly turn into heavy downpours.

As always, thanks to Betchay of Buhay sa Korea for informing me about Family Mart’s Post Box service. Family Marts are everywhere and it happens that there is one in our building. I was able to send those which I needed to send.

The Post Box service is very convenient. The Family Mart has a Post Box machine for the baggage’s weight, and a touch screen where you can input the necessary details. Unlike the post office service, you just need to provide your own box or bag as I did in this picture below:


I was just so happy to know about this service… this is just one of the things making life here in Seoul so convenient.

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