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De-Glamourizing Seoul: Cart Vendors in Seoul

These are not the cart vendors that we commonly see in jam-packed shopping areas where you just buy the street food that you want and walk away munching them. These cart vendors have stools or benches around them where people could actually eat and drink until the wee hours of the morning.


These cart vendors usually go to their respective stations around four to five o’clock in the afternoon to set up their cart. The folded part at the top serves as a roof extension. The covered part is where the raw ingredients are displayed and they usually cook the dish while the customers wait with a beer or a soju already in their hands:-).

A street reserved for these vendors look like this:


I don’t take good pictures but, yeah, let your imagination work with four to five carts along that street:-).

What happens during winter? Ohhh… these carts have their own heaters. Nobody goes out of business!

What fascinates me about these vendors is their discipline to keep their area clean even after all the cooking and the drinking. As soon as they leave the area, it becomes as clean as they were before the carts were there. Incredible discipline.

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4 thoughts on “De-Glamourizing Seoul: Cart Vendors in Seoul

  1. hi wendy,

    just new here….anyways is this are those what we’ve seen in some Kdrama, na madalas pinag-iinuman nila ng soju na kapag winter eh may plastic tarp na nkapalibot?…hehehe!

  2. Hi Mommy Wendy! 🙂 At least they have the discipline to clean their area, unlike hmmm, you know where. 🙁 Oh, it seems so exciting still, they’re selling authentic Korean dishes. 🙂

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