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A Taste of Korea’s Ancient Printing in the Incheon International Airport

We were just strolling inside the Duty Free area of the Incheon International Airport when we saw the store of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation. They have a promotional activity for foreign passport holders. Foreign passport holders could try on the ancient printing method of Korea. My Firstborn and I gamely sat down to experience their ancient printing practice. They have two patterns separately carved on two pieces of woods. We chose the Flying Asparas of the Divine Bell of King Seongdeok. ‘This flying Asparas is inscribed on the divine bell, Korea’s largest existing bell, which was manufactured in 771 during the unified Silla period. The Apsaras, or “heavenly maiden”, is depicted crouching on her knees presenting an offering to the Buddha’. p6270014 We took this home… our own souvenir: p6270016 This is a very interesting experience for foreigners passing through Incheon. The experience would only take away less than 30 minutes of your shopping time but you could carry a piece of history with you.

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