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We are Starting With Math Kumon

My Firstborn has settled down with our daily English Kumon schedule. I feel that he is ready to add another undertaking so I asked hubby if we could add Math Kumon to his daily schedule.

So, here we are:


The same Kumon teacher will be supervising him every Tuesdays for English and Math. The rest of the week, we will be doing the two subjects together. Each time I say, it’s Kumon time, our Second-born would be looking for his own pencil and paper and sit in his own chair, too.

Way to go, babies!

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4 thoughts on “We are Starting With Math Kumon

  1. sobrang bilis kc ng lesson tingin ko walang maaabsorb ang bata at d msusulit un bayad pag ganun kabilis(hehe).d teacher just gave her more workbooks and homework to do for the rest of the week.

    tanx…i just got so inspired when i saw lerouf’s video(4years ago?)recognizing all the letters of the alphabet @ a very young age…di ko pa alam ang gagawin ko sa kanya since words at sentences (both korean and english)ang alam nyang basahin at hindi sya nag start sa phonics

    1. hi alymz, i am not familiar with nunnuphi. Kumon rate is per subject. 1 subject costs 32,000-won. my son finishes with his teacher after 15-20 minutes. now that he has started with Math, their session lasts a little over 30 minutes. his sessions with me take longer hehehehe…

      congrats about your son. that’s really something to be proud of:-).

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