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Pre-School Going Organic

Two months ago, my son’s pre-school sent a survey whether parents would prefer organic food for the kids. We will add 35,000-won every month if we choose for organic food to be served. I chose no for the following reason:

  • We have no way of verifying whether these foods are really organic.
  • Even supermarket “organic foods” labelled as such cannot really be verified. You can only trust that the supermarket is diligently checking their suppliers.
  • I seldom buy organic food but my family’s health is not compromised.
  • Adding 35,000-won is ADDING 35,000-won.

A few days after, I was informed that 60% of the parents voted for organic foods so the rest who didn’t vote for it will have to comply.

I have nothing against organic foods. If we can have it, why not? I could eat in peace knowing the food that I am eating is chemical-free. But paying more for it is something I am not totally convinced of.

Would you pay for more?

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2 thoughts on “Pre-School Going Organic

  1. i once saw a documentary in korean featuring supermarkets labeling foods as organic even if they’re not, so that they could sell it far more expensive than the regular stuff, and some suppliers would just purchase the so-called organic stickers and stick it on their products even if it was not organic at all…it was a scam! i agree with you…there’s no way the school can verify if it’s really organic or not…unless they actually grow it themselves.

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