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My Favorite CNN Reporter

I love watching CNN. I love it even more whenever I watch the cute exchanges between CNN’s weatherman, Guillermo Arduino, and CNN HK’s Anjalie Rao. He is always teasing the CNN HK anchor and they obviously have an onscreen rapport.

The daily weather report always sounds so exciting because of the way Guillermo Arduino delivers his weather report. He is always enthusiastic about it and he gives relevant information every now and then.

I was drawn to his funny and intelligent weather reporting but what made me look forward daily to his kind of reporting was his excited delivery of the weather report in anticipation of the Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding. He was confident that the wedding day was to be sunny and bright. A very good England wedding. But there was some drizzle (or was it rain?) days before the wedding but he was optimistic it was going to be a beautiful day. And it was. He was jubilant!

Oh, when every weather reporter has that kind of charisma!

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