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Mommy 101: Play With ’em As Much As You Can

Weekend was spent outside with the two kids. While my Second-born was sleeping very well in his stroller, First-born took his time to lecture me with his experience-acquired wisdom. We were sitting on a bench, him on my lap when he suddenly remembered that I was not able to play with him in the playground (I was going after Second-born who is just 18 months old).


Firstborn: Mommy, you don’t play with me anymore. You hurt my feelings.

Me: Anak, I’ll play with you if I can. But you see, your baby brother needs mommy to follow him.

Firstborn: If you continue not playing with me, I do not want to play with you also. When I grow up, you will miss playing with me.


Got you, anak! If only I can play with you all the time…


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1 thought on “Mommy 101: Play With ’em As Much As You Can

  1. i love it ate wendy… hugs to your dynamos please…
    that’s what i do too, be with her or interact/play with her as much as i can because that’s what she likes too.

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