Free Shells Amidst the Luxury that Defines Dubai

The first time hubby went to Dubai a few years ago, he brought home shells he picked up along the Palm Jumeirah artificial shore. They were accommodated on a villa in Palm Jumeirah during their short business trip there.

Despite his busy schedule whenever he is on a business trip, he seldom misses hitting the hotel gym. On this particular trip, he didn’t have the hotel gym but he had the shores of Palm Jumeirah to run in. He picked up these shells and I secured them in this bottle.

shells from Palm Jumeirah

There were more of these shells above but we put them in the aquarium and eventually lost some of them. I just made sure that I have the above pieces for remembrance. The shells in the bottle also make a good conversation piece.

Now, each time hubby goes to Dubai he insists on the comfort of a hotel. Aside from the convenience, his hotel stays are also good for his hotel miles.

The company planned to bring the whole family to Dubai early this year for 6 months as he was supposed to concentrate in the Middle East market. Management changed their plan and now hubby just goes back and forth. He accumulates hotel and airline miles and duty free items for me and the kids:-).

As when it is always possible when he is in another country, he gets a metal plate for our collection.


This plate prominently features the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel. Rightfully claiming its prominent spot in this plate, the Burj Al Arab is itself a landmark and a tourist attraction.

When Dubai declared itself an open city, it made sure that it will be a place of opportunity like no other. It has to have the the best and the most luxurious. Expensive cars grace the roads. Top brands are a must to have.

It is no wonder why thousands of Filipinos have made Dubai their home. There are Filipinos working everywhere in every type of job. As a matter of fact, who among us doesn’t know of a relative or a friend working in Dubai?

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