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Arirang TV

Do you tune in to the Arirang TV channel?

Jaz Lee, through her Facebook page, is soliciting opinions about Arirang TV’s effectiveness in promoting Korea worldwide. Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is on top of this move. It is sponsoring an upcoming forum dedicated to gathering feedback about Arirang TV. It would help to get your opinion on the following:

  • Is Arirang TV doing a good job in promoting Korea worldwide?
  • Is there anything pleasant/unpleasant that you would like to share about a particular program in Arirang TV?
  • Do you think Arirang TV needs to come up with another kind of program? Anything that you would like to suggest?
  • Is there any Arirang TV program that you think should be cancelled and replaced by a new one?

Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Arirang TV

  1. 100 icons of korean culture is very entertaining and educational; let’s speak korean is a fun way to learn korean; arirang news is a good source of local news(for foreigners who don’t understant korean except that the news anchors are 2nd rate trying hard copycats of the so called “native speakers”).:O

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