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Soccer Mom

I am now a Soccer Mom, literally.

I bring my son to soccer practice every Monday afternoon. Baby Dynamo goes with us, of course. What’s convenient about this is, a shuttle service brings us to the venue and back to the house. Parent/s can go with the kids as long as there are seats available. My Korean friend and I often tag along with our toddlers and we carry our younger kids with us. I also get to make more friends:-).


My son had been asking me why he only gets to have one soccer class every week? Are you kidding me? When I get home right after his soccer class, I get very exhausted I can’t prepare dinner anymore. My second son goes up and down and around the soccer field non-stop. Lest he be kicked instead of the soccer ball, I also have to be always on the look-out whenever he runs towards the playing kids. He especially loves going to the net.

He shrieks with delight whenever he sees his “kuya” (older brother). That means he would want to run after him. After an hour, my energy’s spent and I could only take a break on the shuttle bus on the way home.

Oh well, I’m a Soccer Mom.

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4 thoughts on “Soccer Mom

  1. Aww… part of motherhood 🙂

    Can’t wait to bring Khloe to her classes. Good thing.. i’m planning to start her with something not grueling for me — Ballet. I can just sit outside and watch her. haha.

    Nevertheless… i’m so glad to read all of these updates about your dynamos. Im looking forward for that day when they can meet each other 🙂

    BTW, did you see Sanelen’s baby girl? So cute…. another adition for LBS-2nd-Gen. 🙂

    1. yes, thess, there’s a big difference between boys and girls hahahaha. i’ll be waiting for that day when Khloe dons her first ballet clothes, too.

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