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Level of News Reporting On the President of the Philippines

Headline Title: Bimby: Are you my tito’s Girlfriend?

Read the last part of this news:

No privacy

On the sidelines, Mr. Aquino again lamented how the public had often encroached on his private life:

“Someone passes by and a picture has to be taken. You’re putting food in your mouth, you’re just barely beginning to eat, even if your food turns cold, it’s picture time.

“When one goes out, they come by feeling they have the right to inspect one’s life. One hasn’t committed a crime, or generated a controversy. But they have to complicate one’s life. I wonder: Is that proper?” 

You should have thought about that before you decided to run for the Presidency. The Philippines would have been spared from a lot of political embarassment and petty news about your eternal pursuits of young – and getting younger and younger – ladies. Yikes!

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