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Fishing Trip

We went on a fishing trip last Saturday! We did it the Korean way…

A family friend, with his wife and son, picked us up early morning for our 3-hour drive towards Taean, a quite town in South Chungcheong Do. Upon arriving in a fishing port, we took a very short boat ride towards our fishing platform.


There are several clusters of fishing platforms like the one pictured above in the area. The place is known to fishing enthusiasts. This is how the inside of the platform looks like:


The first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the boat was the chairs lining up the platform. We had comfortable reclining chairs! Oh my! Where did the art of fishing go?


Of course, I was relieved to see that we had these adjustable, comfortable chairs to use. It was just… so unexpected. A primitive sport with a modern-day twist. Anyhow, the platform next to ours was using monobloc plastic chairs so I guess this was really one of a kind. The fishing platform we went to three years ago didn’t have chairs at all. This time we joined an informal fishing group from hubby’s company so this might explain why we got a few conveniences.  These packs greeted us when we arrived. Each pack has a Starbucks coffee bottle. Who would resist a Starbucks coffee in the middle of the sea?


Fishing is a very relaxing activity. If you’re one who wants constant action, this might not be one for you. You’ll immediately get bored to your bones. Aside from the occasional hurrahs when someone catches a fish, the activity allows for silent and unhurried ways. I have to admit though that watching fathers teaching their sons how to fish could be a sight. It doesn’t give you the visually fast-paced action of fathers teaching their sons how to play soccer or basketball. It gives you a different kind of high… a relaxing one.

In Korea, there are fishing platforms that cater to open fishing. It means that there is a platform in the middle of the sea and you can wait for fish to take your bait. There is also a platform which entrepreneurial fishing operators built where they attach a net around the platform and fishing “enthusiasts” could “fish” for hours. How did I discover this? Take this:


This man took me by surprise when he poured fish in our platform. Good thing I had my camera in my hand. Our Korean friend then explained to me that the operators (owner of the platforms) provide for the fish by pouring fish inside the net.  Tsk… tsk… tsk… It made me wonder how the men got so excited each time they got their catch, lol. But you can choose to fish from the sidelines too for “open fishing”. What you get isn’t one of those provided inside the net.

What made the trip exciting for my Firstborn was when they (with his dad and other kids) went around on a boat for some more fishing activity. That broke the monotony of the waiting in our platform.

Overall, it wasn’t  a great activity. But I have always been welcoming of any activity, great or not. At the end of the day, I have something to talk about. That’s something.

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