Baby Storm: Neither A Boy Or A Girl Until IT Has the Capacity To Choose Which Gender IT Wants To Be

Poor baby!

This baby is not alone. This has two older brothers, Jazz and Kio, trapped in their parents’ “crusade against the tyranny of assigned gender roles“. Read this excerpt from the news article (you can read the full article here Parents Keep Child’s Gender Under Wraps):

“We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now–a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime (a more progressive place? …),” it said.

That’s right. They’re not saying whether Storm is a boy or a girl.

There’s nothing ambiguous about the baby’s genitals. But as Stocker puts it: “If you really want to get to know someone, you don’t ask what’s between their legs.” So only the parents, their two other children (both boys), a close friend, and the two midwives who helped deliver the now 4-month-old baby know its gender. Even the grandparents have been left in the dark.


“In fact, in not telling the gender of my precious baby, I am saying to the world, ‘Please can you just let Storm discover for him/herself what s (he) wants to be?!.” she wrote in an email.

What the…? Dysfunctional mind of a dysfunctional parent with a dysfunctional parenting style.

I have many gay friends. They went through periods of self-realization of who or what they are but they were NEVER consciously groomed to deviate from the norms by their parents. Their conscious decision to act and feel opposite the genitals they were born with went through an emotional, social and psychological process and that process helped define who they are now. People accept them as persons because of their good heart, not because of the sex they were born with or the gender they chose to belong to.

After I read the article, I have no qualms about forwarding my personal opinion regarding the parents. They are two selfish people making self-serving decisions regarding their children. I could use my entire webspace writing about my reasons for calling the parents of these kids, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, selfish and why I feel pity for the kids, Jazz, Kio and Storm. But I will not be so tactful because of my indignation towards their dysfunctional parenting.

I prefer to re-post a comment on the same article from a man named Bud:

“Being a gay man. I know as much as anyone that our society is in dire need of being taught to be accepting of others without regard to race,color, sex etc. However, using your children as a social experiment is not a great idea. Progressive thinking, but just not a great idea. Teach your children to be free thinkers if you want to change the world. But dont use them as lab rats to prove a point. They are human beings and should be treated as such.”
Breaking the rules: Kathy Witterick, right, with two-year-old son Kio. Behind her is husband David Stocker, holding Storm as Jazz looks on

The above picture shows Baby Storm with his parents and two older BROTHERS. Jazz has a long braided hair and Kio has blond curls which their parents claim is just the way the boys have chosen for their hairs to be.

This article makes me remember the book “A Child Called IT“. It is about an abused child. tsk… tsk… tsk.

We cannot use the pronouns she, he, him and her to refer to Baby Storm because the parents are fighting against this labelling. So Baby Storm is now a child called IT. Does that make you happy Kathy Witterick and David Stocker?

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6 thoughts on “Baby Storm: Neither A Boy Or A Girl Until IT Has the Capacity To Choose Which Gender IT Wants To Be

  1. Josephine – it is you who have missed the point. If I get to see your child, It will not be my business to judge him or her as to how he or she looks like, nor would i bother to look down on his or her clothes, color of his or skin….

    But, if i get to know that you are one of those parents who will conduct an experiment on your child just to prove your point, then I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you what i think about you.

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  3. I beg your pardon, but you have missed the point. I hope when my little X is born, you will not be nearby to judge X’s little checkered overalls and page-boy haircut.

  4. thanks for the link and the input clytamnestra… makes me angry with these parents concerned to prove their theories more than they are concerned about the well-being of their kids… the problem is, they are very much convinced of the righteousness of their theories. poor kids. they don’t deservbe such parents.

  5. seems those parents are angry that their eldest son is slowly falling from their grip, even if they keep him away from school and strangers and use a large amount of ‘soft pressure’ to force him to dress like a girl. that they are failing at turning him into a girl, a feat that would prove to the world that gender is just ‘a product of society’ and can be un-learned by devoted parents.
    and since their world-view is now threatened they are freaking out and doing what every extremist does when he wants to prove a point: he tries and tries and tries time after time, pushing harder each time, convinced that *this* time he will ‘get it right’, and everything will finally fall into place when it is proved he was right all along.
    you can bet that if they fail to keep this baby gender-neutral they’ll push even harder next time, with a new baby: either cutting of it’s genitals altogether or keeping the child locked up (away from ‘negative’ influences).

    these people seem to care more about proving a point that no respectable psychologist believes in anymore (that gender is the sole product of ‘social expectations’, a view popular in the ’60 and ’70) than about the wellbeing of their children.
    this time it’s the parents who are crazy, instead of the psychologist:

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