A Black Coffee Convert

Aside from my lack of acting skills, perhaps the most laughed at during my portrayal of Nita in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero’s play “Three Rats” was my drinking of the seemingly bottomless cup of coffee that I had to take during the play. The cups of coffee were very important to the plot so I had no choice but to go with it. Was it a punishment for me that my director did not even bother to put cream and sugar? LOL. At one point, the audience reacted as they noticed that I had been sipping from my cup for endless times already but I never managed to empty it.

I abhorred the taste, really.

I learned to really love coffee – latte and capuccino – in law school. I couldn’t let the day pass by without a cup. I don’t know if it was out of necessity to be awake for the bulk of reading that we had to do or the taste had gotten into my system and I just couldn’t resist it anymore. Back in Manila, it was Starbucks or none.

I still resisted black coffee until a few months back… until hubby consistently commented that I was getting bigger because of all the cream and the sugar I was taking. He was convincing me to take black coffee, instead. No cream. No sugar. Just like the way he takes it.

He had a coffee-maker delivered to the house. He bought coffee beans from Costco. He was doing his morning coffee ritual until I had to give in to the inviting aroma. It didn’t taste bad, I realized. Now, I am a black coffee convert.

I  feel lighter even after I drank cups of coffee. There isn’t any feeling of fullness – the usual effect of my lattes and capuccinos. I also know it’s healthier.

Another effect of my husband and I’s mutual liking for black coffee is, weekend breakfasts with him around stretches to more than an hour – sometimes two- as we continuously pour our cups while watching our boys play, fight, laugh, throw tantrums and do other stuffs 4-year old and 1-year old boys do.

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