Not a Busy Day

I choose today as my “not a busy day”:-).

A regular day for me goes like this: sweating in the gym for a 20-30 minutes of cardio, shower, prepare breakfast for my boys, then hubby goes to the office. I am left with the kids for their morning bath before my 4-year old is picked up by the school bus. My youngest boy would sleep in the stroller and I go to the gym’s group exercise with mostly “halmoni” (and they are slimmer and more flexible than I am, lol)¬†attendees. Clean the house while baby is still sleeping then time to cook lunch and dinner at the same time. Feed my baby and meet friends until my 4-year old comes home. That would even be busier.

Today is different. I choose it to be different. No gym and no cooking. No meeting of friends. Just me and the sleeping baby. My 4-year old is coming home at 4pm.

Have a good weekend everyone:-).

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