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Janjan Suan: A Victim Many Times Over

Is it too late to talk about the Janjan Suan controversy?

Janjan Suan will always be relevant. Willie Revillame will be a permanent fixture in Philippine television, whether we like it or not. Philippine politics will always be dirty. Noble intentions will always be marred by politics. Amidst all these, we could only hope Janjan Suan will not be scarred for life… and don’t trust DSWD or Dinky Soliman to protect this boy or secure his future. The well-known child psychologist in the Philippines, Dr. Honey Carandang, has already marked the boy.

Janjan Suan is a victim many times over.

But he was not a victim of his parents. They may be naive to think that dancing like a macho dancer is “talent”, but they definitely didn’t abuse their son. The aunt brought Janjan to the show but she is definitely not guilty of pimping him. Willie Revillame didn’t exercise restraint during the show but there was definitely no child abuse. Willie Revillame is the crudest television host you’ve seen in television but he is not guilty of child abuse.

Who among us has not seen proud parents in the Philippines urging their young kids to dance to the tune of popular pop songs with suggestive dance moves? I have seen a lot. They are everywhere. I was never a fan of these suggestive dance moves for kids but I never bothered to stop them. I laughed with them. Am I guilty of child abuse, too? Then, we all are.

Janjan Suan is a victim many times over. Of whom?

Youtube has not deleted Janjan’s “child abuse” videos. It continues to air several videos uploaded to the site. The self-righteous shouts of indignation by people who claim that the 6-year old was abused cannot delete their own uploaded video showing this “abuse”. They are, in effect, abusing the child for eternity as his video will be seen by internet users, including pedophiles all over the world.

Media continues to cover the people who injected politics into the issue. It’s good coverage for the media, after all.

Jim Paredes who has taken his oath of allegiance for his Australian citizenship has not only attacked Willie Revillame but has already insulted Manny Pangilinan in his self-righteous indignation via Twitter. And he continues to use and promote Janjan’s video for anyone who cares to watch, thus continuing the chain of “child abuse”.

The DSWD, who has many mouths to feed, many proven child abuse cases to look into, chose to add noise into the controversy and has since scared the family. With DSWD lurking around, what would Janjan, the boy they supposedly should protect, think about this? That DSWD might take him away from his family because he was abused by his own parents who made him dance like a macho dancer in a mall event, school event and the Willing Willie show.

Just how professional is Dr. Honey Carandang to offer such a clinical and professional observation (withut meeting the parents and the child concerned) that Janjan Suan was abused? I remember a sister-in-law, who is far from  being a medical expert confidently declared a distant relative was “autistic” because the boy likes to sing non-stop. Labeling a kid is child abuse. Period.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan “offered to share the burden” to Lea Salonga because of a threat from Willie Revillame (he will file a case to his celebrity detractors). He can’t even get an issue which he could sponsor on his own. That’s free-riding.

Are we too naive to believe that ABS-CBN has nothing to do with this issue being blown out of proportion? Yeah, media rules in the Philippines. Politics make it dirtier.

Goodluck, Janjan.

You and your family are the convenient tools to put down Willie Revillame.

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8 thoughts on “Janjan Suan: A Victim Many Times Over

  1. i second the motion your view ms. wendy.

    i also wrote about it 2 days after the issue came out. i also commented in a few blogs but got negative reactions from people who, to put it bluntly, allowed themselves to be influence by the public’s emotions.

    sad that many pinoys these days rely on what others have to say. they have forgotten to practice their own mind. they have lost their skills to criticize objectively.

  2. Weng … hindi ko pa nabasa syadu angkay Lacson. really??? i’ll google about it. hahaha. i’m so busy about moving.. hindi na ako nakakapanuod ng news. i’m always like 2 weeks late. LOL.

  3. Awww Suzette… no offence but I believe that no one should question anyone’s “maternity” over any thing as trivial as someone’s Two-Cents about the Jan-Jan issue. As Wendy’s blog says, and I agree, it’s been blown out of proportion, one reason behind is because a lot of Mother or Father thinks they are entitled to add more to it, let alone added more to the views of the video in you-tube, simply because they wanna be heard, or maybe wanna be counted with the viewers of the you-tube video, not thinking it’s making the issue worst.

    And I myself, I think Wendy, too, will not subject our child to watch any show that we deemed inappropriate for our kids… because simply put, WE ARE WAY responsible and mature to even think of letting our child watch anything that’s not for their age.

    RESPONSIBILITY is on every person’s heart. NOt on their mind only, not on the pen only, and not on your fingers only, typing on the keyboard. The moment you let your child watch TV, the moment you switch the channel, the moment you step out of you residence, the moment you let go of your child from your grasp — YOu are very much responsible for what they believe and what they do. As a mother, I seriously adhere to such responsibility.

    I don’t blame others for what my child will grow up to be… not even my husband.

    So instead of arguing about the issue, I would rather pray that Jan-Jan will get over this and grow up the wiser.

    Because he will need it in such a nasty country as we have in the Philippines.

  4. you are a mother… would you let your child be humiliated like that? The same thing with what WR did to JJ?…. all of you who say nothing was wrong with what WR did… bring your children there at WW show, and make them dance the so called “macho dancing” WR was talking about…

  5. hi thess, thanks for visiting again. meron pa! e yung kaso ni Lacson, may masasabi ka? hahahha. dirty, dirty self-serving politics.

  6. many times i’ve tried to write my sentiments about this issue, but can’t find the perfect way.

    you weng… nailed all my thoughts. i hope and pray the child will get over this, outgrow this. but am i hoping for nothing? what a pitiful country we have. i can’t believe they’ll use the issue for their own agenda, not thinking of how it would affect the child psychologically.


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