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Gift Set for your Man

I got a gift set from the Aritaum store owner where┬áI bought my Laneige products from. I can’t use it since it’s for men. My husband does not use any facial care product aside from eye cream. So, I’m giving it to anyone who cares to drop a message on my comment box below:-).

This Odyssey Black set includes a cleaning foam, emulsion, essence and skin refiner.


Anyone from anywhere who leaves a comment on this post qualifies. If I get more than 1 comment then I’ll use a Random Picker to determine who gets it. If there is only 1 commenter in a week, the box is yours!

Does anyone read this blog? Let me know:-).

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14 thoughts on “Gift Set for your Man

  1. wow! thank you! i love reading your blogs..i learned a lot coz i’m also a mother juz like you..i got some knowlegde on how to take care and discipline my kids..meron lang akong request na kung pwede lakihan mo ung sulat sa blog mo kc diko masyadong makita, i use magnifier to make it big..thanks..

    1. hi bhel, thanks a lot for visiting and reading. my font is determined by the template i chose. hayaan mo, when i get to find another template i like, i’ll definitely consider the font size. have a good day!

    1. hi bhel – thanks for visiting my site. i have already picked a winner for this. don’t worry, just keep on coming back. i’ll have another one coming soon:-).

        1. hi juki, it’s okay. but i don’t think i haver posted pictures of my kids here, at least not those where their faces are clear. as always, thanks for the visit. keep in touch:-).

    1. pag ikaw lang ang sumali kay Max na ito hahahaha… by the way, i can’t comment on your blog. tagal ko ng gusto sabihin sa u lagi ko nakakalimutan.

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