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Comfort From My 4-Year Old

Perhaps I have written about my husband’s travelling a number of times already. But each time I write about it, there is always something to tell because each time he leaves there is always a certain amount of loneliness that I find more and more difficult to conceal from my perceptive 4-year old boy.

Though my husband travels the world for a living, I still find it difficult to get used to the idea of being alone during the night **sigh**.

Just as we were about to sleep tonight, my 4-year old Little Dynamo touched my face and said, “Don’t worry, Mommy. Don’t cry. Daddy will be back.”

Sweet. I wasn’t crying, by the way:-).

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6 thoughts on “Comfort From My 4-Year Old

  1. awww Mom…. you will always have Le Ruof… 🙂 add to the The Third 🙂

    So please stop crying… 🙂

    so Sweet and so cuteeeeeeeee 🙂

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