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The Japanese People and Japan’s 50 Amidst the Crisis

I salute the dignified silence in which the Japanese people collectively chose to manifest their grief.

The 50 men and women who are still inside the Fukushima power plant deserve to be recognized all over the world for their continuing¬†heroic work – some may be unwillingly, but they still do. The rest of us who can only wait for the outcome of their efforts could practically do nothing but fervently pray to our individual gods that they all get out of the nuclear plant with minimal damage to their personal health and Japan’s over-all environmental safety – and the rest of the world.

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2 thoughts on “The Japanese People and Japan’s 50 Amidst the Crisis

  1. I agree, they are hero’s, putting their country before their own well being. Am very impressed with how much dignity the Japanese people are showing amid incalcuable tragedy.

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