“Is Mommy Working?”

“Is Mommy working?”

This was the question raised by my 4-year old while we were eating Sunday night. The question was brought about when his Dad was explaining to him why he should be grateful that he has food on the table to eat while others do not because their parents may not have work (and no money) to buy food. He asked the question somewhat shyly, probably aware of something his young mind could not fathom yet.

Both hubby and I answered “Yes”. Mommy works in the house. Mommy takes care of the babies and the daddy and manages the household.

“Is the house mommy’s office?” he continued. We managed to explain to him mommy’s role…

I have no qualms about my decision to be a stay-at-home mom. In fact, I am happy to  have the opportunity to make this choice. Being a stay-at-home mom was not brought upon me by circumstances for even if I am living in the Philippines, I would still choose to be one. That’s how I see myself. That’s how I want to live my life… while my kids are young.

My friends in law school are now lawyers. My friends from the company I used to work in have been promoted. My childhood friends are practicing the profession they chose. I am happy for them. And I am happy for me.

My mother-in-law once remarked “Sayang ang talino mo” (You’re putting your intelligence to waste). I know she meant well but how could my intelligence be put to waste? My energy and my intelligence are put into very good use as I am molding the most important people in my life… MY KIDS.

If there are people who could make me insecure, they are those that I love the most and to whom I have committed this vocation: my children and my husband. My children are too innocent to waver my self-confidence.

I hold on to my husband. And I expect him to see me in the same level – as a capable partner. I would be greatly insulted if he ceases to talk to me and consult me. Inside the house and between the two of us, I expect to be consulted. Outside the house, everything can appear to be his decision. He is the man of the house, after all.

While most women complain of boredom while being a stay-at-home mom, I don’t. I revel at my kids’ progress. I celebrate every one of their milestone. While other moms say taking care of the kids have greatly diminished their intellectual capabilities, I take pleasure in re-channeling my “intellectual pursuits” as to how to raise my kids, which learning method works best for my 4-year old, which is the most suitable pre-school for him, which books should I read to them and which books should I read to help me in my present job (motherhood). This is a tough job I have. Everyday has new learnings for every day I commit mistakes. Endless mistakes.

And I am accountable to the four people I could not afford to fail – my 2 kids, my husband and MYSELF.

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5 thoughts on ““Is Mommy Working?”

  1. wow!i couldn’t help myself but comment.this post is very lang ako ng blog mo dati(3 yrs or so,bago pa tong myrockingcradle),ngayon super fan na!haha

  2. i really admire the way you think about it….i did try to think that way but i always fail. hearing people telling you that you’re putting your intelligence to waste doesn’t help too…..and worst of all when the financial aspect of living in korea starts to interfere i can’t help but punish myself for not being able to help my husband financially.

    1. hi cher – i think this way because this is really what i want. i can’t imagine leaving the kids to others and not knowing what they do or how they are doing. it’s not because I don’t trust others. it’s because it’s just the way i am. i have the NEED to see them. otherwise, my mind will keep on floating back to them wherever I am and whatever I am doing. an occasional girls’ day or night out is good for my energy:-0.

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