He is a big man but his big frame does not intimidate kids. He seems to have a magnet which draws kids to him. My kids easily warm up to him and they could play for hours. Between my Dad and my Mom, my kids prefer him. They could contentedly sit by his side and I could have my ME time. Anyone who sees him say he has a pleasant personality without any trace of arrogance, always ready with his smile.

He is not perfect. We agree to disagree a lot of times. He believes in the supernatural. He continues to seek even when there is nothing to seek… he would readily believe any yamashita treasure map:-). He is ready to believe anything. And I grew up, up to my adulthood disliking that a lot.

But there is something that has always been constant. He loves my mom.

My only brother and I have grown to notice that even more. I must have taken it for granted before but during my last vacation I was moved by my Dad’s gestures towards my mom. They will be celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary this June and he still kisses my mother each time he leaves the house. He stands by her side no matter what. In his gentle voice, he defends my mom from the simpliest criticism.

They were here last week for a 5-day vacation. And I had the chance once more to see how he cares for my mom. A casual talk just between the two of us revealed even more. He has great respect for her. My mom is lucky. My father has my respect.

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