“You’re the Best Cook Ever”

I have to admit that kim is my saviour during those times when my son doesn’t like the food I put on the table. It is especially a blessing in the mornings when I won’t have the luxury of time to cook for my toddler  because the school bus will arrive soon.

Last week, Little Dynamo asked for kim almost everyday.  I have a lot stocked up in the cupboard so I happily served him with it. For those not familiar with kim, it can be bought by small packages and you can eat it in one meal. My son loves to wrap his rice with kim. That’s all. Nothing else. It’s a no-sweat for moms. Some of my Korean friends also admitted serving their own kids  with ONLY that and rice.

One morning last week, Little Dynamo finished 3 packs of kim which he wrapped his rice with. That’s a lot of rice, mind you. On the way to the door while we were in a hurry to catch the school bus, he hugged me and declared:

“Mommy, you’re the best cook ever!”

Tell me, should I be flattered? LOL.

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1 thought on ““You’re the Best Cook Ever”

  1. that’s funny but it’s a good thing your son appreciates the korean taste…little zach also loves “kim” but i try not to give it to him often…he munches on the kim as if it’s a potato chip….hahahaha

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