The Best Mussel In Town

I like Mad for Garlic. The restaurant is very classy and the food is yummy. When a friend offered her Mad for Garlic free pizza coupon, I immediately got it and mentally scheduled a lunch date.

The lunch date was set. There we were – American, Korean and Filipino mommies – with our respective strollers walking towards the restaurant crossing our fingers for our babies to sleep so that we can have a glorious feast.

My Korean friend suggested that we get a sauteed fresh mussel. I was actually hesitant as mussels are so abundant in the Philippines and I couldn’t imagine how deliciously it could be cooked. But, of course, I said yes. And I was glad I did. It was the yummiest mussel I have ever tasted.


I didn’t use my Gorgonzola Pizza’s Honey Dip Sauce. Instead, I dip my pizza in the mussel’s sauce. I devoured it while my Baby Dynamo was in peaceful slumber in his stroller. An ajumma can actually enjoy her lunch!

If you happen to visit Seoul and you get to be in Mapo, you can check Mad for Garlic and don’t leave the restaurant without eating their mussel.

Bon appetit!

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