Searching For a Gift For Hubby’s Birthday

Hubby’s birthday is coming up soon.

I want to give him a party but he doesn’t like to have a big fuss on his birthday. If we are in the Philippines, I am likely contacting family and friends this early for a surprise birthday bash. I love that!

But, far away from home, what do I give to the man (allow me to be cheesy) I can’t live without? Since he can afford any material thing I could think of that he might like, an Adrenaline adventure and experience gift voucher might be a perfect idea. I just signed up for their hot deals exclusive offers.

Come to think of it, as the years go by, it becomes harder to think of creative and unique gift ideas for men. Not because you get tired of giving or you get tired of thinking about what gift to give. It’s more on, you want it to be better. And there’s your never-ending desire to please which requires more effort so that the person who receives your gift will feel more special.

The countdown to his birthday begins…

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2 thoughts on “Searching For a Gift For Hubby’s Birthday

  1. anne – yan ang the best! when LeRuof was just learning how to write last year, napaluha daddy nya upon recceiving a letter from him. i love you lang ang nakalagay pero it was an effort from a 3 year old boy:-).

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