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Perks for Smartphone Users in South Korea

Have you ever used your smart phone for shopping here in Seoul? I just did and I went home smiling.

Hubby gifted me with Shinsegae gift checks (**wink**) last February 14.  When a girl friend learned about it, she was so excited to accompany me and she showed me how to use her Smartphone for shopping discounts. Unfortunately, our babies didn’t give us shopping time. So, I urged hubby to download the Shinsegae icon so we can avail of the discounts exclusive for Smartphone users. If not for the kids constant nagging, we would have loved to go around the department store for more. I ended up with some shopping gift checks left.

So, how does it go? Big department stores here in South Korea have developed Smart phone applications which a Smartphone user can download. First, a user should download the establishment’s icon. As soon as the icon is on your smart phone, you can browse through its content for news, events and shopping coupons for discounts. Of course, I was interested with the shopping discount coupons. Classic example: a Shinsegae spring jacket for 168,000-won could be purchased upon presenting your Smart phone with the Shinsegae discount coupon for just 99,000-won. Definitely, a good buy.

Some of the establishments I know which have icons that can be downloaded to your Smartphone are:

  • Shinsegae Department Store
  • Lottle Department Store
  • Hyundai Department Store
  • VIPS Family Restaurant

I’m sure there are more but these are the only ones that I personally know. Be a practical shopper and do your research for your Smartphone. Enjoy!

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