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Light Up My House

Very soon, I will be busy on the interior design of the condominium we recently bought. I am excited about it!

Curtains, tables, wood and furniture choices could make the house contemporary or classic. But lights create the ambiance. And this is where I am excited to focus my attention on. I am so glad to have found a website I could choose several kinds of lamps from.

I would love to have a floor lamp in my living room. As I honestly haven’t gone down into the details of the design of our condominium, I am yet to decide on the design of the lamp. The 1001 Floor offers impressive designs which would complement whether I decide on the modern and contemporary or the traditional and vintage.

I think a table lamp in our bedroom will be both aesthetic and functional. I have checked into 1001 Table and I have noted a number of choices. It’s actually a delight to start with all these ideas in my head. What makes it more delightful, of course, is that this condominium is one of the major purchases my husband and I have made as a couple.

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