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Environment-Friendly Accents for the House

The first time I heard about jute rugs my interest immediately shifted to it rather than the conventional floor carpets. For one, it is eco-friendly as jute does not need any pesticides or fertilizers to grow. This natural fiber is strong and under the hands of expert artisans it can be made into beautifully-handcrafted jute rugs which can be used in any area in the house. It could be a good accent in any room.

Another environment-friendly material is bamboo. It’s good to know that it has several uses. I used to watch my grandfather make chairs made of bamboo. I also remember him making a rake and even a crib made of bamboo.  Interestingly, there are bamboo rugs available in the market now. These bamboo rugs make very nice area rugs.  There is an online store for bamboo rugs and mats where you can check out the details and the different looks of these rugs and mats. You can check this online bamboo rugs and mats store. Do visit and you might just be tempted to beautify your home and at the same time comforted by the thought that you have gone green while doing so.

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