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Angelo Reyes: High-Profile Suicide in the Philippines

Condolences to the family of the late general.

Do you know of other suicides committed by politicians or people involved with politics who were thrown into a scandal in the Philippines?

Former General Angelo Reyes earlier told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview that he would never do anything that would besmirch the name of “my good mother.” Whatever the truth behind the latest expose in the Philippines is, this would have been one of those which would surely have faded into oblivion as the case of so many other exposes that preceded it. The people involved in the scandal are still there… enjoying the forgiving culture of a society that prides itself with too much democracy. The Estradas and the Marcoses are strutting themselves around as if they own the Philippines. But this will no longer be just one of those exposes because a suicide by a top general made it rise above the other cases. Somehow… the suicide gave more meaning to the expose. If only Erap’s mother raised his son the way Angelo Reyes’ mother raised him, this world will be free of Erap. Yehey! If only Loi Ejercito Estrada is half the mother that Angelo Reyes’ mother was, this world will be free of Jinggoy! Wow! But they’re not! So, the world will continue to witness their witch-hunting while the members of the Estrada clan and harem continue to dance and drink merrily enjoying their riches from Estrada’s plundered money.

If the general didn’t pride himself with his integrity, he would surely have stayed on and allowed time to pass for people and his enemies to forget. But he opted for the “honorable” exit.

Don’t you just wish others would have the decency to do the same?

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16 thoughts on “Angelo Reyes: High-Profile Suicide in the Philippines

  1. ■angelo reyes suicide
    is strange, as ex millitary myself i find it difficult to understand how he could shoot hiself in the chest with a side arm. if he did the back fire on the gun would
    send the gun flying in the air if useing one hand so i do not beleive he shot himself.

  2. if he is innocent, he should have not committed suicide…if he truly cares for his reputation and mom’s name, he should have faced the trial and prove his innocence…

    if he is guilty, the honorable exit is tell the truth and let those who are corrupt in the government suffer in prison and great shame…then kill himself

    i think he is a coward…he killed himself denying the filipino people the truth we deserve….

  3. Give credit where credit is due. He could’ve been eaten by the system but he also served the military.

    I’ve been following the senate inquiry (kangaroo court?) in PEX and on the news. Gosh, Jinggoy was annoying on the idiot box. Trillianes must’ve been imagining he was Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men”.

    He denied with a straight face that he didn’t receive money for his personal use. He was trying to explain that the 5million pesos was for his discretionary fund.
    Reyes: If I may… if I may…
    Trillanes: No, no.. you may not. You don’t have a reputation to protect.

    He had no way out… with the kind of media of “inquiring senators” we have in the Philippines, it would be impossible for him to clear his name. The senators wouldn’t even give him the chance to speak. Trillianes was one of the top spending senators while he was in jail! Pnoy was also a top spender in his nine years – and he didn’t even authored a single bill – daig pa siya ni Leon Guerrero!

    Like the former commenter said, he was sick and he was not the same as before. He was an ordinary citizen. He was not in power.

    1. the gall of Trillanes to say that! oakwood was a big hindrance to the business environment that time.

      Pnoy’s mentality is “if you’re pro-gloria, you’re dead under my administration. if you’re anti-gloria, you’ll be granted amnesty and you’ll be offered posts in the government”. juvenile decision-making. juvenile government. a spoiled brat who should get what he wants or else… be my friend or else…

  4. the late gen. reyes was sick when he was roasted in the senate. his physical condition affected his state of mind. he had a heart attack.

    gen.robles said “: cannot hear from his right ear. He cannot see straight because of his medication. When I have to talk to him, I have to tell 2-3 times anything I tell him before he can absorb it. And people think that when he hesitated in Congress, it’s because he was guilty. He did not want me to bring this out,”

    our country will continue to be the laughing stock of asia. isn’t it ridiculously pathetic that those who grill the witnesses are the predators. they have the guts to embarrass the men-in-uniform when in fact sila mismo ay pinalamon ng galing sa nakaw ng mga ganid at corrupt nilang magulang. look at jinggoy and escudero. we know their backgrounds. pero ang mga pinoy halos sambahin nila ang mga taong ito.

    1. “they have the guts to embarrass the men-in-uniform when in fact sila mismo ay pinalamon ng galing sa nakaw ng mga ganid at corrupt nilang magulang. look at jinggoy and escudero”

      and the cycle continues… they feed their children from the same source… and they do it with pride

      1. someone should pass a law – when a govt official is found guilty of corruption, instead of 12 salute gun shots, 12 death gun shots…but ofcourse no one will approve that in congress and senate…lahat sila dead

        kudos to COA people who are courageous enough to divulge anomalies like this despite grave threat to self and family…sana dumami pa kayo…public trial….tama lang yan para matakot mangurakot….

  5. It may be a witch hunt. But if he was truly innocent then he should have faced the music and responded against the allegations against him. I can’t help but think that he took the easy way out for whatever reason — to protect his family, he can’t handle the stress, he does not want to testify about who else might be involved in this corruption scandal. Who knows? But if his reason is to protect his integrity and good name then he should have stayed alive to fight for the truth. I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to feel any sympathy for him. My sympathy is with the lowly soldiers who defend the country with substandard equipment and can’t even feed their children and send them to proper schools. If he wa truly innocent then he should have stood up for his men.

    1. yes, ann, it is a witch hunt.

      his innocence is not the issue of my post. let’s be practial about this, anyone who comes into the government service cannot claim to come out clean. be it from getting uncalled perks, taking home office supplies – the degree of which depends on the position that you get into. that’s the reality. they just need to balance it out.

      he carried his job with integrity. he served the military well.

      do you honestly think that he will be able to redeem himself? people in the philippines are ready to condemn those known to be allied or have supported gloria. the politicos know this and they are all free-riding. Estrada and Trillanes are the classic example…

      i symphatize with the lowly soldiers, too (their life is a perennial problem in the Philippines with or without the late general) but that doesn’t limit me from giving my condolences to the family of the late general:-).

  6. i salute General Reyes for what he did. He proved to Filipino people his principles and integrity. If all those corrupt officials will do what Gen. Reyes did I think Philippines will be more progressive and with dignity.

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