Airport Comfort – Korean Air Lounge and Hub Lounge in Incheon International Airport

The Incheon International Airport is one of the best, if not the best, airport in the world. Well, it has won the Best Airport Award (Best Overall) for 6 consecutive years now. It is very clean and there are so many ground crews servicing the passengers be it in the boutiques, restaurants, toilets, shower rooms, nursing stations, lounges and even on the wide grounds in the check-in, arrival, departure and duty free areas.

As hubby is a frequent traveller, we can avail of the exclusive Korean Air Lounge at the Incheon International Airport. We make sure we go to the airport hours before our scheduled flight to relax and enjoy the privilege. The Korean Air Lounge has shower rooms in the middle of its coffee-shop atmosphere. It has free-flowing food and drinks for free. The last time we wanted to use the lounge on our way to the Philippines last year, we competed for a spot for our family of 4 as it was during the G20 event here in Seoul. There was no place for us but the accommodating staff gave us a place in the Hub Lounge just across the Korean Air Lounge.

The Hub Lounge is not exclusive but passengers who want to avail of the services (relaxing atmosphere and buffet) must pay $35 per head. If you fly Korean Airlines, you may avail of it for a discounted price of $21. We got it for free in lieu of our Korean Air Lounge privilege. 

You bet the place isn’t full. We had a relaxing stay and we got out with a full stomach.


Well, even in the best airport in the world, good things do not necessarily come free. Don’t worry though, paying for the best service is optional. As a passenger who wants to experience good service in the Incheon International Airport, simply going around and witnessing the stress-free environment and efficient service is already an experience to behold.

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1 thought on “Airport Comfort – Korean Air Lounge and Hub Lounge in Incheon International Airport

  1. i love this lounge…just like you hubby’s frequent business trip allows us to use this lounge and little zach loves this place because there’s plenty of room to run…hahaha

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