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Accent Tables

My personal preference for tables is made of wood, particularly red wood. I just love it. But aside from the aesthetics, I would love for it to be functional, too. I have two boys so they better be functional and sturdy. I love browsing the Accent Tables for these very types of tables. I have a sister-in-law who proudly shows off her center table because it had been handed down to her from her grandmother. That’s nice, I thought. I would love my kids to have the same pride when we hand down a good piece of furniture to them, too.

COCKTAIL TABLEThis elegant piece of cocktail table has intricate details and will be a good conversation piece with visitors. I am raring to sit down and design our place. The place is ready. It is just a question of when are we ready to go back to our home country:-).

In the meantime, I love checking household pieces as a way of preparing for the inevitable.

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