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A Schoolboy Wanna-Be

It took us longer this morning to go down to the lobby to bring Little Dynamo to his waiting school bus.

The reason:


Baby Dynamo was crying for his brother’s school bag. To put a stop to his waling, I also put on a little backpack for him.

Not yet, baby, not yet! Mommy’s going to be really sad!

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2 thoughts on “A Schoolboy Wanna-Be

  1. so cute… growingup too fast for mommy, baby dynamo? no….
    i can’t express now how i feel.. it’s just that i hope soo ae won’t grow up too fast for me to enjoy too as Alex is thinking of just “one” baby… haaay.. haha…
    it seems like she’s growing up fast. her lola calls her “witty baby”..

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