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Gift-Filled Christmas

It’s the new year, I know. But I haven’t blogged for a long time so I will still blog about Christmas:-).

This is the picture of a Christmas with 10 adults and 10 kids in the family. 


I can’t imagine a Christmas outside of the Philippines, far from family. This is one tradition I don’t want to deprive my children of.

There is another tradition I try to maintain for my kids. My Dad always made us anticipate Santa’s gifts every December morning. As soon as the Christmas tree was standing in its Christmas glory, our (my brother and I) Christmas socks were waiting for Santa’s treats. We had our daily treats from our Dad – ooopppps… I mean, Santa. Since Little Dynamo was a year old, I started the same tradition for him during our annual vacation in Iloilo. This year, the Christmas tree has 2 personnalized socks waiting for the daily treats:


The two red socks are personnalized with Little and Baby Dynamo’s pictures. That way, Santa will have no excuse as to which sock belongs to whom. Lol. The 2 blue socks were previously owned by Little Dynamo and are now just part of the Christmas tree trimmings.

However, there is one aspect of gift-giving which I am personally not in favor of. Some people may have an inherent desire to please that they would want to give even when it’s beyond their means. The intention is noble but it is self-destructive. You cannot fully give what you don’t have the means to give. This is a lesson I would like to impart to my kids, consistent to my husband and I’s principle of not living beyond our means.

As with everyone else, I am looking forward to a bountiful year ahead.

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