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After a Full Day of Snow

We woke up to a heavy snow fall yesterday. It was a lazy day to bring the children out so hubby and I took turns to sweat it out in the gym. I had to turn off the tv monitor in my treadmill. It was just a distraction from the blissful sight of the snow falling outside the gym’s glass window.

Snow fall is such a beautiful sight. You could actually wish to just keep the snow falling… it’s a pretty experience up to the playtime¬† when you can build snowmen and throw snow balls to each other.

But when the snow stops and life has to go on with its daily routine, you wouldn’t like to see what has become of the snow:


Maintenance men around the building were up early to clean the mess. The street was full of mud when we went down for Little Dynamo’s school bus.

More men had to create walkways for the people in front of the building:


Do we still want to sing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”?


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