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A Facebook Statement

Mark Zuckerberg was declared Time’s 2010 Man of the Year because Facebook has gotten to almost all of humanity. Blame it on a high school classmate – who was not even close to me – who YMed me and asked me to activate a FB account. I did. Friend invites were nonstop after that. And now I spend hours on Facebook.Lol.

Inviting friends and accepting friend requests are normal things to do on Facebook. But deleting a “friend” is a statement! And what a statement done… and how a statement was done! That’s how Facebook has penetrated our lives.

I suddenly felt this kind of a Facebook impact tonight. It’s kind of disconcerting to know that you were deleted from the friends’ list of somebody. I seldom invite FB friends. I accept those I only know but I never delete anyone. So, wonder of wonders! Deleting a name in your friends’ list and knowing that the person will know it must really be a statement meant to impact. Facebook rules!

Facebook Comments
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