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Little Dynamo’s First Halloween Party

He had been waiting for this day to put on his Spiderman costume:


This is his very first Halloween party. And he had a blast. He kept on saying that this was His Halloween Party. Consider this:

  • October 29 – Halloween Party
  • October 30 – His advance birthday party
  • November 1 – his actual birthday party in school

Halloween was just the beginning of his euphoria.

As a child, I was not able to attend a Halloween party nor was I able to go trick-or-treating. It wasn’t celebrated back then in the Philippines so I am so glad that my Little Dynamo got his first taste of this kind of excitement in Kinder Liebe.


It is with a sad note that he will leave school for awhile due to our annual vacation in the Philippines. Kinder Liebe has given him so many experiences to cherish and has brought him to many places here in Seoul.

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