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Blogging from Iloilo

Thanks to a break from daily brown-outs of 2-3 times a day, I was able to visit my blog site.

I didn’t expect this daily brown-outs here in Iloilo. Apparently, the lone supplier of electricity here in the city – the PECO – could not cope up with the demands of its consumers. Duh!

Back in Seoul, my kids had normal days of less than 10 degrees. They have to brave the heat here in the Philippines. Airconditioning comfort is not something we could rely on:-). In the midst of sleeping, electricity will be gone without prior notice. The only comfort the kids have is they are surrounded by family who love to take care of them and look after their comfort. That’s a huge upper! I guess,¬†they don’t really mind the absence of electricity every now and then. My son only has one request to his grandfatther, “Lolo Daddy, please don’t go to work anymore“:-).

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