And He Turned 4!

It was a fun-filled day for my Little Dynamo.  He turned 4 with an advance birthday party well-attended by friends.

A kiddie party’s venue counts a lot in having a fun-filled and tantrums-free party. Kids can release their energies through jumping and playing. I’m so glad our apartment has a playroom convenient for holding these kind of merry-making.



Thank you all for making my son’s birthday celebration a big, happy gathering.


See you all next year!

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3 thoughts on “And He Turned 4!

  1. true ate Wendy… we really had so much fun.
    it’s nice to read the “See you all next year!” caption.

    the food? oh, so yummy… i’m quite tired of the “healthy korean foods” already..
    i’m actually missing hte “lumpia”..kkk

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