Would You Line Up To Get Inside a LV Store?

The number of times I went to Times Square in Yeongdeungpo , I had always been intrigued with the very conspicuous queue infront of the Louis Vuiton store. There are always people lining up to get inside.


The LV store limits the number of shoppers inside the store that’s why the queue never disappears.

Would I want to window-shop (Koreans call it eye-shopping) in such an environment? Would you?

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1 thought on “Would You Line Up To Get Inside a LV Store?

  1. This post caught my interest. It’s also the same thing in Singapore. People always line up to get into these expensive luxury shops.

    I’m from a middle-class family and money was sometimes tight when we were growing up but, thankfully, it was always enough for the necessities (not always the nice-to-haves). I used to envy classmates who were more well-to-do but as I grew older, I realized just how hard it is to earn a decent living. So even now that I am married and my own family is actually more blessed financially, I still try to enforce a more austere way of living. If it’s not needed, then we don’t buy on a whim. If we want something ridiculously expensive, then we save first.

    I’m quite satisfied for the way we were brought up. I don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses of the world. And I’m hoping to impart that to my daughter as well. There are better things in life to enjoy than getting a bag that costs as much as it would to place my daughter in medical school. =)
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