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Opportunities in Blogging

Blogging is a good outlet for me. I write when I’m happy, sad, inspired. I have a personal blogsite that can be viewed only by my contacts but I feel liberated having this blogsite too as I can write without being personally known by most readers who care to drop by my site. Add to that, there are endless opportunities in blogging. I have to admit that I earn (very little) from this site. Not much but just enough to pay for my internet bills.

It is a welcome opportunity to have come across a website that offers adsense revenue sharing. The has member bloggers who write about anything and everything. Anyone is welcome to join.

As member-bloggers can post about anything under specific categories, women whose vanity concerns their asset up there can check out Jessica Simpson Breast Implants and decide on who among the featured gorgeous women have the most flattering front.

It is also interesting to be directed to this site when I searched for Pinoy 24 tv to entertain my mother-in-law with her can’t-be-missed Philippine dramas. I can’t understand whatever it is with television dramas that are so addicting. But this is one luxury that I can’t deprive her of. And that makes me appreciate the internet even more.

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1 thought on “Opportunities in Blogging

  1. i always think of “monetizing” my blog but whenever i check the “how to’s” ayan nanaman, tatamarin nanaman ako… kkk i might as well start taking it seriously.. thanks for the reminder ate Wendy, kkk

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