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Happy Dining in Seven Springs

This greets you upon entering Seven Springs in Times Square:

We hope you that refresh your mind and Happy Dining!

Happy Dining!

In fairness, family restaurants here in Seoul live up to their being a family restaurant. Like VIPS, Seven Springs has a nursing room for breastfeeding moms. Moms like me also like the child-friendly atmosphere as we  don’t receive nasty looks from any restaurant staff despite the very messy table we and our children always create – picture 3 moms with 3 babies.

My friend loved the ice cream there. I loved the salmon. Which brings to mind, I noticed that VIPS does not have a plate for salmon anymore (was there last night, VIPS Mapo). The salmon was mixed with vegetables. At least Seven Springs still has.

My 2 visits to buffet restaurants just for one week accounts for my increasing waistline:-). I devoured veggies, though. I have to. Prices of vegetables here in Seoul makes me think twice, thrice… before I do the purchase. Expensive!

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