Han River Cruise

I got my night time Han River cruise wish.


The Yeouinaru port (Jinseong Port) is less than 10 minutes taxi ride from our place. We took the 7:30pm cruise and had the highlight of the one-hour cruise watching the light and water show at Banpo Bridge.

The September 30 night time cruise we took was just perfect. It was cool, not chilly. The children loved it. And so did my mother-in-law.

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2 thoughts on “Han River Cruise

  1. Hi i have a 12hour layover in incheon airport and was planning on going on a night tour in seoul.. I’ve been searching about the schedules of the Han River Cruise and somehow i can’t find any.. could you share me a website or the schedule of the night cruise for Han River? I will be arriving at 7:30pm.. with immigration and all baka makalabas ako after an hour and then i dunno if I should ride the taxi or the subway/fast rail to get in any of the Han River Cruise… I hope you could give me an Idea 🙂 salamat!

  2. i always bugged alex for a han river cruise but he’d say there’s nothing special about it. i said there is. he promised we’d go after the baby arrives. ang sa akin naman, kung kasama din lang si baby, e di yung time nang mae-enjoy nya ang sight and lights.. haay… kkkk

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