Elegance Gone

My father works with an airline company. His father worked with the same airline until he died. If I was taller and prettier, I would have tried working as a flight attendant with the same airline. My cousin, who is taller and prettier, had been working with that airline as an international flight attendant.

I always thought about flight attendants as elegant, well-dressed, well-travelled – it matters not that some sourgrapes would say that they are well-paid waitresses.

So, when I got to watch this video below of flight attendants of Cebu Pacific, I couldn’t bring myself to appreciate them. I pity them:-).

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6 thoughts on “Elegance Gone

  1. in my opinion, the instruction is very important for the passengers. not all people on board are frequent travelers. many are also first-timers. and should something happen, at least they know what to do. yup, there are laminated instructions in every seat,however, demo is easier to follow.

    i’m not stiff or uptight person. but i’d appreciate if these ladies remain poised and feminine.

  2. on the contrary, i think it’s cute!…Cebu Pacific is truly out of league from the more established and prestigious airlines so they have not much to bank on. just pure marketing gimmik…at least the passengers paid attention 😉

  3. I’ve never flown Cebu Pacific but from what I know the image that they’ve been trying to project is that of a budget and fun airline. I’ve seen photos of their FAs usually donning shirts and shorts, unlike the designer-made uniforms of KAL, Asiana, PAL. I think this is a great idea to get the passengers’ attention whenever the FAs demonstrate safety instructions. Now, what would be weird is to see KAL FAs do the same thing.

  4. watched a news channel that covered this clip this morning and the two men, instead of appreciating how these attendants do their best to get the passengers attention while they demonstrate the safety features of the aircraft, they said these attendants are actually having too much fun that someone should complain… haay.. so boring people.. who among these attendants would have imagined they’d be dancing onboard? i think no one..

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