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Extension of C4 Visa

Mother-in-law was granted a one month stay here in Korea for her C4 visa courtesy of her “modelling career”. The visa was set to expire on the 18th.  But due to hubby’s sudden (when was it ever not sudden?) business trip, we need her here at least until the 24th.

Thanks to Jaz who sent me the information on how to apply for extension of a C4 visa, MIL had been granted a 1 week extension.

Hubby made an online reservation for our application and we processed the rest at the Immigration Office in Mokdong. An application for extension for a C4 visa is supposed to require a renewal of the Employment Contract but since MIL’s purpose for extension was purely personal, we decided to state the real reason for requesting the extension of her stay here in Seoul: which was to spend more time with her grandchildren even just for a week. The request was granted… with no cost.

We were required by the Immigration Officer to present a new airline ticket with an updated date of departure from Korea. It was immediately processed by my husband and the airline confirmation was immediately emailed to him and he promptly faxed the updated electronic ticket to the Immigration. In less than 30 minutes, MIL was granted an extension.

It’s always good to maintain a legal status anywhere you go. It’s even better to be constantly honest in our dealings. The seemingly complicated process (we expected the Immigration to demand for a copy of COE – which we didn’t have) proved to be very simple… and it’s all because we didn’t attempt to pretend that MIL was to stay with another work contract. We stated the real reason for such a request and the Immigration officer smiled with understanding.

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