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The Price of Goldilocks Polvoron in Korea

How much is the Goldilocks PolvoronĀ  (assorted flavor, 30 pieces) in the Philippines?


This one is KRW12,000. The price I have to pay for craving a Philippine product:-).

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7 thoughts on “The Price of Goldilocks Polvoron in Korea

  1. I’ve been hunting for specifically this information. Despite the fact that I was wanting to uncover this content I am truly astonished that your particular blog was so easy to locate and ways in which it correctly in comparison to my own experience.

  2. Ate Wendy, where did you buy the polvoron? nakisuyo nga ako non kay Cher kase for several occasions that i bought goods from Hyehwa, di ko na gusto yung lasa…

    that’s really expensive. but if i get the chance to buy one that’s still okay, sige na rin, haha…

    1. i asked tintin (my part-timer) to buy. i usually ask her to buy filipino goods for me from a filipino store in tukseom (that’s where she lives). meron namang price tag when she gives the items to me. kung pupunta ka sa saturday, tell me kung ano pabili mo so i could ask her to buy for you.

      1. thank you po ate wendy.. at the moment, wala naman po. i’m trying to control my meals and snacks kase i’ll have a gluxose screening this coming end of month. i tend to overindulge. yung pasalubong nga ni Cher 4 days lang yata ubos ko na… next time na lang po.. hopefully makalabas labas pa, hehe…

  3. hmmm….i guess around 150-200 pesos(probably a little less than 5,000 won)i brought one box with me on my way back to korea so that jehan the buntis can satisfy her polvorn craving…hahahaha…i cant remember exactly but im absolutely sure it’s not worth 12,000 won….kkkk

    1. Cher, thank you ulit ah.. di nga umabot ng 1 week yung 1 box sa akin.. 4 days lang yata.. haha…

      si Alex yung pili tarts ang pinagpyestahan… 1 or 2 lang nakain ko, haha….

      tapos tumawag si mama kagabi. papadalhan daw nya ko ng “kiamoy” haha.. sabi ni alex bakit daw di tinanong ni mama kung anong gusto nya. sabi ko meron syang dried mango. sabi nya bakit yun lang daw, haha…

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