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Shopping Bargains in Namdaemun

Done with my Fall shopping for the kids last week. My Dynamos are ready to brave the cool weeks ahead. And I got their clothes for a bargain! Namdaemun is the place to be.


Namdaemun is a haven for bargain hunters here in Seoul. This isn’t like Dongdaemun with millions of trendy clothes for the yuppies. Namdaemun is more for the ajummas and halmonis who shop without regard for the latest and trendiest wardrobe. It’s a place for practical shopping to get your money’s worth. But Namdaemun being in Seoul, the clothes there aren’t exactly demode. So, I went home satisfied with my finds.

It’s a maze in there but when you’re looking for children’s clothes, you can check out the building near Shinsegae. The building houses clusters of kiosks just all for children. There are endless supply of clothes of various styles. You can only wish for more time… and money.  Ahhh… how easy to spend and how surprising to realize that you have already ran out of money!

Tip: Watch out for those clothes piled up on tables along the alleys. Check them out. You can see some treasures in there. I did! That’s where I got most of my boys’ clothes for this season.

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3 thoughts on “Shopping Bargains in Namdaemun

  1. sama ako jehan!!! hahahaha but i dunno how if im gonna bring soo ah for sure she’s gonna get tired kasi ako pa naman pag nag-ikot, naku! this place reminds me of Divisoria! ah i so miss divi especially the 168 mall… i wanna go to Dongdaemun also…pero hubby said later on nalang daw if soo ah’s a bit bigger na…. haay…. for now tiis tiis muna ako hahaha

    1. naku! wag mo isama si soo ah. wawa… ang dami ng tao.. sobra. i don’t know kung which time of the day konti lang ang tao. but the few times i’d been there, marami talaga. not advisable to tag along toddlers.

  2. thanks for the tip ate Wendy…
    i’ve been to namdaemun twice only not for the shopping but food.. beats me why i’m so patient accompanying alex when he’s shopping while he isn’t when i’m doing mine.
    i’ll check the places you mentioned should i get the chance to go there one of these days…

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