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Getting Ready to Walk

It’s amazing to see milestones after milestones of babies.

I was particularly amazed at my Little Dynamo’s development. He was a very active baby with very fast physical, emotional and intellectual development. When I became pregnant with my Baby Dynamo, I promised myself never to make his older brother’s development a benchmark for his development. I’m glad I readied myself with that state of mind.

Hubby and I rejoice with each milestone our new baby reaches. He is now ready to practice walking… little by little, we encourage him to use his legs for walking. Last weekend was a good time to gift him with his first pair of shoes:


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6 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Walk

  1. oh… i hope i can still carry Baby Dynamo when I see him.. mga bata pag natuto nang maglakad ni ayaw na magpakarga…

    ate Wendy, ano nga po palang oras this sat?

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