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Chuseok Gift

It’s Chuseok again next week – the holiday that wives of Korean nationals dread. LOL. It’s a story not mine to tell.

Companies are generous at this time of the year. There are Chuseok gifts allotted for employees. Gifts are conveniently delivered to the houses.  In fact, this is the season when the post office and delivery companies are on their busiest.

As always, hubby’s company made us choose which gift we want. There were several choices: a hard drive (we just recently purchased one), a vacuum cleaner (we have 2 already, another one would be unwanted), expensive wines (we still have to consume several bottles here), air purifier (we don’t want to add more than 100,000-won for that) and some products for daily use. We eventually opted for this:


We chose the most inexpensive but we got six packs of those. Of course, they are LG products:-). We don’t have a need for those products (got a supply courtesy of company gifts, too) but the elegant packaging makes them a good gift set for Christmas in the Philippines. That’s gift recycling. LOL. Are you guilty of that, too?


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8 thoughts on “Chuseok Gift

  1. hi Eden.. that’s true. like one box would last us a year.. pero sympre again, i can’t bring with us the gifts we received from last year’s… hahaha….
    bumibili lang ako ng safeguard for alex from the nearby asian food store, gusto naman nya and it’s 2,500 ang isa, haha…

  2. Oooohh lucky! They always do that every Chuseok? Very practical. I would prefer toiletries too good chunk of mulah to deduct from grocery expenses. Hehe 🙂

    1. oo nga eh, as in iwas na iwas ako sa ham pero naman isang box ng ham dumating.. haay.. buti sana kung di yung de-lata… gusto ko sana talaga cooking oil.. mahal yung grape seed and olive oil eh.. nahihiya naman akong kunin yung box pa na di nagagalaw sa bahay ni MIL na gift sa akin ng GnB pa non, haha… puro oil kase halos nareceive namin last chuseok and seollal.

  3. i am hoping for another box of grape seed or olive oil and toiletries for this year, from Alex’ company, but he came home with a box of ham last night… i’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a box of toiletries tonight, haha…

    it would be really nice to recycle them…

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